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Making Education Sustainable, Teachable and Applicable to Everyday Concepts and Life.

A comprehensive approach to education.

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Our Vision

Our Mission

Guiding Principles

SEEDS is committed to developing a holistic educational program that encourages children to learn to love learning. Seeds believes that learning is a lifelong commitment and should be fun, educational, holistic and a rewarding experience. SEEDS stands firm that education and learning should be based on curiosity. When learning is based on curiosity the child retains 50% more of the information learned than they typically would. This is specifically because they are self selecting to learn this information. It is our duty as educators to support this and encourage this need and interest in learning.


S.E.E.D.S. vision is to create a system that supports education. At S.E.E.D.S. we believe that every child should have a the opportunity and tools for their future success. To do this we provide parents and teachers, the real educators of our youth, with the tools to help empower children and themselves to be life long learners. With the right tools every child can thrive.

Each of our Four Guiding Principles works toward an education system that not only gives children the tools to become critical thinkers, also playful and curious learners. It is this type of learner that is innovative and passionate, and therefore equipped with the right attitude and tools to make a difference in the world.


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