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This is the second pillar of S.E.E.D.S.. Developmental Milestones are important developmental achievements in your child's life. Developmental Milestones are just what it sounds like. They are milestones (goals or developmental achievements) that show you the progress your child is making in their development. Developmental milestones are not exclusive to children. Think about it, how often do you stop and say, "wow I've never done that before" when you have done something new. This is the same for children. They want to run smoothly, jump and balance, but they don't start out that way. They have to go through the developmental process to reach these goals or Milestones.


S.E.E.D.S. utilizes developmental milestones to teach parents what they should be observing in their young children as they grow older. This comprehensive knowledge of developmental milestones, and their limitations, give parents the ability to foster their child's cognitive and physical development. The milestones that S.E.E.D.S. employs are not absolutes, which is a key concept we stress. Each child is unique and grows in their own time. BUT with the extensive list of developmental milestones we have developed we give parents the opportunity to learn how to observe their children, not through a parents eyes, but through the eyes of a teacher.


As parents and teachers we are the most significant people in children's lives. We guide their sense of curiosity, we have the power to enrich their lives, nurture their spirit and as a result foster their growth. Thats what S.E.E.D.S. is about. That's what the Developmental Milestones are about. Once we know where a child is in their development we are better able to extend their learning by tailoring and adapting their experiences to fit their needs. As a result the child feels like learning and further development is possible because we are pushing their cognitive envelope, not tearing it at the seams.


Developmental Milestones

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