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This is the fifth pillar of S.E.E.D.S.. At  S.E.E.D.S. we believe the adaptation and implementation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is integral to the overall general education of the whole child.  In other words, we strive to provide students a systematic broad exposure to knowledge and skills through creative exploration and adaptive learning.  S.E.E.D.S. specifically addresses the importance of the education of children aged 3-5,  but the concepts can be readily adapted to learners of all ages.



S.E.E.D.S. activity / lesson planning begins with questions born of student curiosity and interest.  Each S.E.E.D.S. activity / lesson plan contains all STEAM components.  Insights from the Geographic Systems Model (GSM) let parents and teachers seek answers to the questions children may pose, using direct links relevant to the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics of the questions.  This systematic integration of diverse disciplines is a direct contrast to what happens in most schools.  It is very common for science, mathematics, and language arts to be taught separately.  Many students accept this segmentation as natural and fail to integrate the subjects into a holistic body of knowledge.  This hampers their ability to get the big picture or to work in interdisciplinary situations. It also hinders their ability to think critically with a knowledge base that is interwoven, rather than segmented.  S.E.E.D.S. uses STEAM to prepare and empower students to function effectively in the rapidly changing technology saturated information age. S.E.E.D.S also stands by their project based learning approach. STEAM plays an integral part of the project based activities and lessons that S.E.E.D.S produces.



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