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A comprehensive approach to education.

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SEEDS stands for Sustainable Early Education Development System. It combines the use of STEMA (Science and Technology, interpreted through engineering and the arts, all based in mathematical elements) concepts, incorporating the core elements of a multi-faceted and integrated learning approach. SEEDS is innovative in that it provides lessons plans that guide teachers or individuals in learning for themselves and/or with their students. SEEDS utilizes the STEMA concepts. This is a core concept behind SEEDS. The developers of SEEDS understand the necessity of having a teachable, multifaceted, integrated, interactive project based curriculum. SEEDS is unique because not only does in incorporate the STEMA concepts, it also acknowledges that learning happens differently for each person. With a multifaceted curriculum like this, the learning not only becomes enjoyable but comprehensive and retained as well. SEEDS is based in the thought that learning is done individually, but that it takes a community to grow. So whether you want to learn on your own, or you want to teach a group of students, or you want to use this as a community project system, SEEDS is the way to go. SEEDS utilizes teach backs to reinforce lessons learned and to actively engage students in community service projects. Teachers are taught to use the U.S. Dept of Labor SCANS checklists (Secretary's Commission on Acquiring Necessary Skills) to empower themselves to create a positive foundation for learning to help children as they grow older to understand how to bridge the gap between classrooms, the community and eventually jobs.

What is S.E.E.D.S?

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